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    CoralActives is awesome! It cleared my skin up literally overnight! I have tried every single product and CoralActives was the first that actually worked and did something. Which was really refreshing to finally deal with that after 7 years of acne. I’m staying with CoralActives because it’s the only one that worked for my skin. I’m not going back to any other products.

    - Shaelan O’Connor

    I have struggled with acne forever and with CoralActives, I have FINALLY found my solution! I noticed the results immediately using CoralActives. I usually have really sensitive skin so I was worried about trying a new product like CoralActives but once I tried it, I realized that my skin just kept improving! I feel like people are really looking at me and not my acne.

    - Kira Retana

    CoralActives is a great product! I love CoralActives because the moisturizer has tea tree oil in it so it was super smoothing and made my skin really soft and at the same time was working to combat the acne.

    - Nicole Chessin

    CoralActives has definitely been the best acne product that I’ve tried. I mean, I’ve tried everything, name brands – like everything you can think of, and it just didn’t really do much, like a few weeks or you know a month in, my skin looks exactly the same but with CoralActives, I could tell a difference within the first couple weeks and now especially its continuing to improve and I can see a definite difference. I will definitely keep using CoralActives! I will definitely stick with that one.

    - Hannah Graham

    Before CoralActives, my skin was always really dry and flaky…but after I started using CoralActives, it’s gotten a lot softer and smoother, not just on my cheeks but on the inside of my nose it’s a lot less bumpy and red. I liked CoralActives because the wash itself wasn’t too abrasive or anything, it was kind of gentle and had a these tiny little beads in it and it was really nice on my skin and felt good especially within my nose area. CoralActives seems to work so I’d like to stick with it.

    - Sierra Pond